The Logic and Learning (LL) group studies the interplay between machine learning and logic-based formalisms for knowledge representation and reasoning. Computational logic and machine learning are the pillars of artificial intelligence. The former stems from syllogisms while the latter may apply inductive reasoning. Logic provides methods for deriving valid specific conclusions based on a general theory asserted to be true. On the other hand, learning methods can be applied to generalize specific observations. These disciplines naturally complement each other.

Logic and Learning Gathering


Reading Sessions

We discuss papers in the broad theme of logic and learning. The sessions are online weekly meetings via Zoom.   Mailing List We have a moderated mailing list for relevant announcements.   To join any of these activities please send a message to the organizer.

International Research School AI in Bergen

The International Artificial Intelligence in Bergen Research School aims at disseminating recent advances on AI. It is mainly intended for master and Ph.D. students, postdocs, and researchers wishing to learn more about the theme of the research school. In 2022, the broad theme of the school is: Knowledge Graphs and Machine Learning. Webpage: https://researchschool.w.uib.no/